So, Keeping In Mind That An Ops+ Of 100 Means You Are League Average, Here Are The Ops+ Scores For The Current Dodgers, Excluding Chris Taylor, Who Has Played Only One Game: Seager, 139 Van Slyke, 70 Ellis, 64 So, Over Half The Offense Is Below Average.

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It seems like everyone except Corey Seager is in the middle of a slump, with Adrian Gonzalez leading the way, hitting .262 with only six homers. Look at some of these stellar batting averages and on-base percentages: Scott Van Slyke : .200, .256 One of my favorite stats is OPS+. What is that? Well, to quote : This statistic normalizes a players OPS (on-base plus slugging) it adjusts for small variables that might affect OPS scores (e.g. park effects) and puts the statistic on an easy-to-understand scale. A 100 OPS+ is league average, and each point up or down is one percentage point above or below league average. In other words, if a player had a 90 OPS+ last season, that means their OPS was 10% below league average. So, keeping in mind that an OPS+ of 100 means you are league average, here are the OPS+ scores for the current Dodgers, excluding Chris Taylor, who has played only one game: Seager, 139 Van Slyke, 70 Ellis, 64 So, over half the offense is below average. As a team, the Dodgers OPS+ is 89, which puts them in 11th place in the NL. It seems to me that the Giants are going to win the division, and the Dodgers will be left trying for a wild-card spot. Their advantage is that they play in the NL West , meaning they have a lot of games left within a weak division and can hopefully pad their win total against the Padres , Rockies and Diamondbacks .

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